[AI Drawing] Top 10 Free AI Art Generator

In the age of the Internet, AI technology can easily bring us various benefits, one of which is to make our image processing more convenient. AI drawing can help us create more exquisite pictures, and many free websites also offer excellent solutions in this regard. In this article, we will introduce you to 10 powerful free websites that not only have attractive interfaces but also offer rich features to easily create high-quality images.

Recommended Free Websites: 10 Powerful AI Drawing Websites

  1. Playgroundai: Free users can generate up to 500 images per day and can be used for commercial purposes.
  2. Leonardo: Free users can generate up to 150 images per day (768×768) and can be used for commercial purposes.
  3. Adobe Firefly: Free users have 25 points per month, which is approximately 25 times generation, and can be used for commercial purposes.
  4. Diffusion art: Completely free and offers various tools, but the generation speed is slightly slower.
  5. Seaart: Free users have 200 free points per day, and each image consumes about 4 points. They can also be used for commercial purposes.
  6. Aitubo: New users start with 100 points and receive an additional 25 points daily. They can be used for commercial purposes.
  7. Graviti Diffus: Free users have 50 points per day and the interface is similar to Stable Diffusion.
  8. Ai Gallery: Completely free, but has fewer default model choices.
  9. Wenxin Yige: New users receive 40 points upon registration, and additional points can be earned by logging in and completing various tasks.
  10. HappyAccidents: Free users have 200 points per month, and each image costs approximately 1.5 points. It offers a wide range of models from Civitai.
  • ai生成圖片

    Introduction MyEdit  Midjourney DALL·E3 Stable Diffusio…

  • HappyAccidents


  • 文心一格


  • Ai Gallery

    Ai Gallery為用戶提供了一個強大的工具,利用人工智慧技術根據用戶輸入提示產生令人驚嘆的圖像。但是要強調…

  • Graviti Diffus

    Graviti Diffus 是一個免部署的在線平台,專注於提供穩定擴散(Stable Diffusion)的…

  • Aitubo

    Aitubo是一個AI創作工具,它提供了方便且強大的功能,讓使用者能夠透過文本和照片輸入來生成藝術作品。 Ai…

  • SeaArt

    SeaArt AI是一款免費且強大的AI繪畫工具,它能夠幫助使用者無需專業技能,輕鬆生成高品質的繪畫作品。 S…

  • Diffusion Art


  • Adobe Firefly

    Adobe Firefly 是一個由 Adobe 開發的設計系統,旨在幫助設計師和開發人員更有效地合作,創建出…

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